Why Higher Property Taxes on the Sunshine Coast

When shopping for a home on the Sunshine Coast, there are lots of things to consider. One you may not have thought of? Property taxes - and why they’re so high compared to other nearby cities!

Read on for fast facts about why this is the case (and, of course, why you should live on the Sunshine Coast anyways!)

Property Taxes On the Sunshine Coast: Why Are They So High?
“Why are property taxes on the Sunshine Coast so high compared to other nearby cities?” is, without a doubt, one of my all-time most-fielded questions when it comes to potential homeowners!
Let’s dive into the reasons why this is.

Reason #1: Infrastructure
While this may be surprising to some, hear me out: the little towns that make up the Sunshine Coast were barely on the map when I was growing up. When my family and I would travel to different parts of the world and locals would ask where we were from, our proud response of “the Sunshine Coast in Canada!” were met with quizzical looks at best. 

Even here within Canada, I think a lot of previous Directors of the Regional Districts didn’t think it would grow to be as big as it has… and certainly not at the rate it has! More infrastructure needs equal higher property taxes, and if it’s one thing the Sunshine Coast needs more of, it’s infrastructure to accommodate all the lovely people who are realizing it’s the best place on the west coast to call home.

Key portions of infrastructure that are currently being upgraded on the Sunshine Coast include:
- Gas lines
- Water lines
- Sewage systems

Reason #2: Highways, Bike Lanes, and Places of Recreation
As a direct connection to the first reason above, current property taxes on the Sunshine Coast are being put towards safer highways and bike lanes.

Both of these projects are tailored towards the higher levels of traffic the Sunshine Coast has been receiving… and are planned to lead to the new parks and beaches that the Sunshine Coast is planning to add in the near future!
(As a bonus, all of this works as the perfect accompaniment to the Sunshine Coast’s existing bike trails and hiking trails!)

Reason #3: Water Restrictions
Like the majority of towns in BC, we here on the Sunshine Coast do our part to mitigate the risk of wildfires and conserve water throughout the drier months.

Each summer since 2014, we have enacted stage four water restrictions at the peak of summer. This means:
- All outdoor watering is banned
- No power washers are permitted
- Amenities such as pools, hot tubs, and/or fountains should not be filled

The Sunshine Coast’s water conservation efforts have consistently been hailed as remarkable, especially as the town is putting its residents’ property taxes towards more sustainable water-saving measures.

Reason #4: A New Landfill
Because locals are seeking better recycling and composting services, another reason that property taxes are high on the Sunshine Coast is that a new landfill location is to be established within the next five-to-ten years.

The site being currently eyed up for this is Halfmoon Bay, which is a 25-acre landfill site that would replace the existing Sechelt Landfill

Reason #5: Low Income Housing
Last but certainly not least is low income housing, which the Sunshine Coast is putting renewed efforts into in order to accommodate residents of all income levels. 

Two notable low income housing operations are Franklin Road, a three-unit development in Gibsons Landing, and Shaw Road, a 40-70 unit in Gibsons. Both are being worked on by the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society.

Property Taxes on the Sunshine Coast: Worth It 10x Over!
Property taxes on the Sunshine Coast may be high relative to other surrounding towns and cities but trust me: they’re well worth it!

Are you looking for further guidance on how to find your dream home on the Sunshine Coast? Don’t hesitate: reach out today!